Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa

ISSN: 1520-5509

Pennsylvania Western University, Clarion, Pennsylvania

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About the Journal:

The Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa (JSDA) is the official journal for sustainable development in Africa. The journal was originally established as part of the function of the African Studies Program of Kalamazoo College in order to encourage an interdisciplinary discussion on the subject of sustainable development. With the departure of the editor-in- chief from Kalamazoo College, the JSDA was moved to Southern University and A & M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After four and half years at Southern University, the journal was hosted at Fayetteville State University in Fayetteville, North Carolina (2004-2008). In July of 2008, the Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa was moved to Clarion University of Pennsylvania, where the editor-in-chief completed his tenure as the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

It now addresses the policy components of Africa's development issues. The general belief is that theoretical and operational discussions of development efforts in Africa must be interdisciplinary so that policy makers and academics will have a useful academic journal, which could be instrumental in moving Africa's development forward. The journal focuses on debates of development; development paradigms; social, cultural, economic, and ecological sustainability; and the politics of sustainable development with regard to governance.

The Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa is a refereed journal published four times a year in Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer to strengthen and foster sustainable development and planning efforts in Africa.

What is Unique About the Journal:

The Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa is unique in that it provides both the theoretical underpinnings of development and the operationalization process for development. It endeavors to include articles from scholars all over the world, but also encourages African scholars who reside in African countries to publish their work. To our knowledge, it is the only journal, which is established to address Africa's sustainability issues from multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives. Sustainability matters are approached from social, humanities and natural science paradigms. Many of the case studies in the publication are attempts to manage and solve development problems. The contributors to the journal have many years of experience of working in Africa and they are students and scholars of Africa. Their scholarship continues to influence the cutting edge ideas about the development on the continent.

The Purpose of this site:

The main purpose of this site is to provide scholarly, educational and provoking discussions on critical development issues concerning Africa. It is our profound belief that the contributions of the journal in the sustainability debate would be both theoretical and applied in order to wrestle with the concrete development issues of the African continent and people. It is our conviction that the scholarly and professional communities must avail themselves of meaningful, interdisciplinary, and multi-disciplinary information on the issues of sustainable development. This site provides an opportunity to read about Africa's sustainability work that is going on in the developed, as well as the developing world.


We have linked the site to other interesting sites, which deal with sustainability matters so that our readership can benefit from a worldwide discussion and opportunities on the subject of sustainability. We encourage our readers to send us their comments about our publications (articles and book reviews) and give us their suggestions.
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Dr. Valentine Udoh James, Editor- in -Chief
Professor of Environmental Management, Policy and Planning
PennWest University - Clarion
Clarion, Pennsylvania 16214-1232
814-393-1938 (phone); 814-393-2004 (fax)