Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa

Vol.10, No.4, 2009


Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

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A Review of Poverty Studies, Drivers and Redressive Strategies in Southern Africa
By Adewale Banjo

Adolescents Perceptions on Sexuality, HIV and AIDS in Selected Schools of Kwekwe District, Zimbabwe
By N. Muparamoto and A. Chigwenya

Biodiversity Conservation Problems and Their Implications on Ecotourism in Kainji Lake National Park, Nigeria
By A.J.Meduna, A.A.Ogunjinmi and S.A.Onadeko

Impacts of a Solid Waste Disposal Site on Soil, Surface Water and Groundwater Quality in Dar es Salaam City, Tanzania;
By Gabriel R. Kassenga and Stephen E. Mbuligwe

Thermotolerance and Osmotic Potential Studies in Germinating Seeds and Growing Seedlings of Acacia sieberiana and Acacia tortilis
By Tafara Matekaire and Alfred Maroyi

Assessing the Effects of Fermentation Time On Tomato (Lycopersicon Lycopersicum Mill) Seed Viability
By C. Karavina, J. Chihiya, T. A. Tigere and R. Musango

Electoral Process and Gender Discrimination in Nigeria: A Case Study of 2003 And 2007 General Elections
By Iloh Emeka Charles and Ikenna Mike Alumona

The Paradox of Africa’s Poverty: The Role of Indigenous Knowledge in Zimbabwe’s Environmental Management Issues
By Advice Viriri

The Eight Years of Interaction: Lessons from Zimbabwe’s Look East Policy and the Future of African Countries and Asia-Pacific Region
By Percyslage Chigora and Taderera Hebert Chisi

The Development of the Niger Delta of Nigeria, 1900 – 1966
By John H. Enemugwem

Women Involvement in Environmental Protection And Management: A Case of Nasarawa State
By Akwa Labaris

Rethinking the Developmental Nexus between Indigenous Languages and Capacity Building in Science and Technology: A Therapeutic Approach to Africa’s Perennial Development Problems
By Gilbert Tarugarira

Corporate Social Responsibility and the Crisis of Development in Africa
By Kolawole A. Owolabi and Fadeke E. Olu-Owolabi
Spatial Decision Support Systems (SDSS) and Sustainable Development of the Third World
By I.A. Ademiluyi and W.O. Otun
Key Factors of Success for Decentralized Public Agricultural Extension: An Expanded View from a Ghanaian Case Study
By Ernest L. Okorley, David Gray and Janet Reid

Sustainable Vocational Skills Development for Poverty Reduction in Northern Ghana
By Braimah Imoro and Kwame Obeng Nti

Sustainable Development in Nigeria: Roles of Women and Strategies for Their Improvement
By Bessie A. Ukpore
Socio-Economic Importance of Bamboo (Bambusa Vulgaris) in Borgu Local Government Area of Niger State, Nigeria
By A.A.Ogunjinmi, H.M. Ijeomah and A.A. Aiyeloja
The imperatives of sustainable Development in Africa: Anyiam – Osigwe’s Sage Philosophy as an Applied Example
By Francis Offor

The Forgotten and Underrated Factor in Poverty Reduction: Women Empowerment in Enterprises, Farms, and Governance in Africa
By Edson Ziso

Promoting a Versatile but yet Minor Crop: Soybean in the Farming Systems of Kenya
By J.N. Chianu, O.Ohiokpehai, B. Vanlauwe, A. Adesina, H. De Groote and N. Sanginga
Threats to Blue Swallow (hirundo atrocaerulea) Population in Sanyatwe Communal Lands of Zimbabwe
By B. Mudereri, V. E. Imbayarwo-Chikosi, C. Chirara and M. Kamanda
An Analysis of the Changing Land Use and its Impact on the Environment of Anyigba Town, Nigeria
By O.O. Ifatimehin, S.D. Musa and J.O. Adeyemi
The Effectiveness of Forensic Auditing in Detecting, Investigating, and Preventing Bank Frauds
By Kosmas Njanike, Thulani Dube and Edwin Mashayanye

The Roles of the Committee System in Enhancing Legislative Efficiency in Nigeria: The Case of Kwara State House of Assembly
By Joseph Yinka Fashagba

Establishment and Early Field Performance of Jatropha Curcas L at Bindura University Farm, Zimbabwe
By L. Jimu, I.W. Nyakudya and C.A.T. Katsvanga

Rational or Disjointed: Grappling with Philosophical Contradictions in 21st Century Economic Policy Planning and Development in Zimbabwe
By Feddious Mutenheri
Influence of Soil Conditions on the Growth of Duka Nut (Irvingia gabonensis var) In Mid Western Nigeria
By S.D. Musa, T.T. Musa and Adesola Ogidiolu
Growth Points or Declining Points? A Case of Magunje Growth Point in Mashonaland West Province of Zimbabwe
By I.O. Manyanhaire, B. Mhishi, E. Svotwa and N. Sithole
Globalization, World Trade Organization and the Challenges of Sustainable Development in Africa
By J. Shola Omotola and E. Kenneth Enejo
The Potential Power of West African Oil to the Economics and Energy Security Interest of Euro-America in the 21st Century
By Austin Ikein

Leif Manger and Munzoul A.M. Assal (eds), Diasporas Within and Without Africa: Dynamism, Heterogeneity, Variation, Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, Uppsala 2006, pp 200. ISBN: 91-7106-563-6
Reviewed by Taderera Hebert Chisi