Call for Paper

The Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa (JSDA) is interested in manuscripts dealing with economic, socio-political and environmental issues surrounding biological diversity (biodiversity).   For a couple of decades now, the global community has been confronted with the steady decline in the number of plant and animal species, habitats and genes.  This deterioration has been due to haphazard development that paid little attention to conservation and preservation of natural resources. At the center of the problem is the matter of sustainability. The authors must address the issue of sustainability of biodiversity from their disciplinary perspectives. If the authors can provide an interdisciplinary perspective on this matter, we are willing to consider such papers. 

Please forward your manuscript as e-mail attachment to: or

Please provide your paper in Microsoft Word or Wordperfect.

Please note that paper on other subjects pertaining to sustainability and sustainable development can be submitted at any time by authors. Looking forward to working with you.