Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa

Vol.10, No.2, 2008


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Ignorance- The Bane of Interreligious Crisis in Nigeria: An Exposition
By Dr. J.K. Ayantayo

Factors Affecting the Future of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Zimbabwe
By C. Zano, W. Munyoka, C. Gombiro, G. Chengetanai, S. Hove, F. Mauchi

This article has been removed due to the excessive use of the work of T.Rexwhite Enakrire and O.George Onyenania in "Factors Affecting the Development of Information Infrastructure in Africa" without proper credit. We sincerely regret the unfortunate incident and inconvenience it must cause our readership.


Global Initiatives and Local Leadership: The Role of Leadership in Eradicating Poverty in Lesotho Africa
By Sandra Wilson, Mastselio Ma-Tlali Maapetla, and Theresa Power- Drutis

Oil politics and the Crisis of Development in the Niger Delta
By Dr. Samuel C. Ugoh

Environmental Degradation and its Implications for Agricultural and Rural Development: The Issue of Land Erosion
By S. Tunji Titilola and L.K. Jeje

Management Practices at the Mucheke Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Site in Masvingo City in Zimbabwe
Mangizvo V. Remigos

Nigeria and the Threats of Terrorism: Myth or Reality
By I. Sarafa Ogundiya and Jimoh Amzat

Integrating Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing Techniques to Analyze Land Cover? Use Change between 1992 and 2002 in Nyanyadzi Communal Land, Zimbabwe
By Adolph Nyamugama, C. Gombiro, and W. Munyoka

Trans-boundary Aquifer Water Crisis: Challenges and Policy Implication for Southern African Region
By Shastry Njeru

Flow Reservation Strategy for QOS in Manets
By Willard Munyoka and Cross Gombiro

Quality of Service in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
By W. Munyoka, C. Gombiro, G. Chengetanai, N. Mlambo, C. Zano, F. Mauchi

The Contribution of Informal Food Trading to Urban Food Security in Zimbabwe: The Case of Gweru 2000-2007
By Peter Makaye and Constantine Munhande

Post-Independence Nigerian Literature and the Quest for True Political Leadership for the Nation
By Ayo Kehinde
Population Growth and Rapid Urbanization in Africa
By Innocent Chirisa

Cost Effective Wireless Community Networks and Internet Connectivity in Remote and Rural Areas in Zimbabwe
By S. Hove, C. Zano, W. Munyoka, C. Gombiro, F. Mauchi

The Need for Data Warehousing in Sharing Learning Materials
By C. Gombiro, W.Munyoka, S. Hove, G. Chengetanai, and C. Zano

Adoption and Diffusion of Agroforestry and Natural Resource Management Technologies through School- Community Links
By Gadzirayi, E. Mutandwa, and R. Muchapondwa

Estimation of the Impact of Changes in Financial variables on the Balance Sheet and Stock Market Value of Credit Life Institutions in France, in Great Britain and in Switzerland
By Elie Ngongang
The Role Played by Free Trade Areas and Regional Trading Blocs in Promoting Globally Regulated Trade Regime: A General Overview
By Percyslage Chigora
A History that Haunts the Present Generation: An Analysis of the Origins of the Land Problem in Zimbabwe
By Percyslage Chigora and Tobias Guzura
Contending with Transnational Problems in the Globalization Era: Questioning and Arguing for International Development Programs
By Percyslage Chigora
Acting in the Name of National Interest: The Survival Strategy of Zimbabwe in International Intervention in Mozambique and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
By Percyslage Chigora
Smallholder Irrigation Schemes in Nyanga North as Strategies for Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Rural Livelihoods
By Paul Chibisa, Alouis Mautsa, and Bernard Mukoto
Community-based Natural Resource Management Institutions in Ruwangwe Ward, Nyanga District, Zimbabwe: Implications for Environmental Sustainability
By Paul Chibisa
Promoting a Versatile but yet Minor Crop: Soybean in the Farming Systems of Kenya
By J.N. Chianu, O. Ohiokpehai, B. Vanlauwe, A. Adesina, H. De Groote, N. Saginga
Routing Protocols in Mobile Networks
By G. Chengetanai, W. Munyoka, C. Gombiro, C. Zano, S. Hove

Determinants of Successful Group Loan Repayment: An Application to Tunisia

By Ben Soltane Bassem
A Descriptive Analysis of Succession Crisis and Post-Eyadema Political Developments in Togo
By Adewale Banjo
Guerilla Government: Political Changes in the Southern Sudan during the 1990s, by Rolandsen
Reviewed by Percyslage Chigora

Legacies of Power: Leadership Change and Former Presidents in African Politics, by Southall and Melber
Reviewed by Percyslage Chigora

The Security-Development Nexus: Expressions of Sovereignty and Securitization in Southern Africa by Burr, Jenson, Stepputat
Reviewed by Percyslage Chigora

Votes, Money, and Violence: Political Parties and Elections in Sub- Saharan Africa, by Basedau and Mehler
Reviewed by Edson Ziso
Towards Rural Sustainable Livelihoods: An analysis of effort from a poor community in Zimbabwe
By Crispen Dirwai

GIS-Assisted Land Evaluation for Agricultural Development in Mekong Delta, Southern Vietnam
By N.T. Son and Rajendra P. Shrestha