Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa

Vol.6, No.1


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Photograph by Marshall James



The Role of Biological Diversity and Sustainability in the Conservation and Preservation of the Environment

Martin Andreas Wienecke


Economic Development Agenda for Bayelsa State of Nigeria : An Advisor's Opinion

Augustine. A. Ikein


Socio-Economic and Environmental Challenges and the Quest for Sustainable Development in Nigeria 's Oil Rich Niger Delta: A Commentary

Augustine A. Ikein


Infusing African Indigenous Knowledge in Global Environmental Discourse: Rethinking “Development” in South Africa

Nene Ernest Khalema


Impact of Capital/ Investment, Technology and Other Factors on the Economic Development of Nigeria

O. A. Odiase – Alegimenle


A thinly-based Economy: The Discussion of impacts of diamonds and beef industries on the Botswana Economy

Botswiri Oupa Tsheko




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