Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa

Vol.12, No.8, 2010

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Addressing Environmental Issues Through the School Curriculum: The Zimbabwean Experience
By: Talent Murwendo, Doreen Tshuma, Hedwick Chinyani, and Nathan Moyo
Agent of Destruction: Youth and the Politics of Violence in Kwara State, Nigeria
By: Saka Luqman
Determinants of Aquaculture Fish Seed Production and Development in Ogun State, Nigeria
By: F.O.A. George, O.J. Olaoye, O.P. Akande, and R.R. Oghobase
Environmental Quality and Economic Growth in Some Selected West African Countries: A Panel Data Assessment of the Environmental Kuznets Curve
By: Joseph Ayoola Omojolaibi
Effects of Human Capital Development on the Performance of Small and Medium Scaled Enterprises in the Southeastern Region of Nigeria
By: Thaddeus Ebiringa Oforegbunam and G.F. Okorafor
Impact of Climate Change on Cotton Production under Rainfed Conditions: Case of Gokwe
By: Patrick Gwimbi and Tanyaradzwa Mundoga
Introduction of Islamic Banking in Zimbabwe: Problems and Challenges
By: Kosmos Njanike
Livelihoods and Environmental Challenges in Coastal Communities of Nigeria
By: Akeem Ayofe Akinwale
Marxist Leninst Theory of International Relations: Emerging Thinking in the 21st Century
By: Percyslage Chigora and Edson Ziso
Participation and Representation of Smallholder Irrigation in Zimbabwe's Decentralized Water Management: A Conceptual Framework for Analysis
By: Oniward Svubure, Rhodante Ahlers, and Pieter van der Zaag
Political System, Budget Performance, and Economic Growth in Nigeria, 1970-2004
By: Olawale Emmanuel Olayide and Anthony Ettah Ikpi
Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Solid Waste Management in Nigeria
By: Enete Ifeanyi Christian
Prostitution in Selected Shona Novels: Implications on Gender Relations and Development
By: Wellington Wasosa
Public Sector Reform in Africa: Issues, Lessons, and Future Directions
By: Jacob Olufemi Fatile and Kehinde David Adejuwon
Social Capital and Community Responses to Natural Resource Management in the Luangwa Valley, Zambia
By: Vincent R. Nyirenda, Wilbroad C. Chansa, Willem J. Myburgh, and Brian K. Reilly
Sustainable and Profitable Farming through Conservation Agriculture in Zimbabwe: Prospects, Opportunities, and Constraints
By: Enock C. Makwara
The Relationship between Satellite Derived and Ground Measured Sugar Cane Water Use: The Case of Hippo Valley Estates in Zimbabwe
By: Mark Matsa and Muyemeki Luckson
The Role of the Church in Sustainable Environmental Management in Zimbabwe: A Case Study of the Bulawayo Archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church
By: Steven Jerie
Translating Environmental Science Policy into Practice: A Case Study of the Environmental Science Curriculum Implementation in Masvingo District of Zimbabwe
By: Daniel Gamira, Gamuchirai Tsitsi Ndamba, and Jonathan Mswazi
Tourists Arrival at Chiremba Balancing Rocks in Epworth, Zimbabwe
By: Tonderai Vumbunu and Itai Offat Manyanhaire
Urban Domestic Water Crisis in Zimbabwe: The Case of Kadoma City
By: Mangizvo V. Remigios and Kapungu Never


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Reviewed by Constantine Munhande