Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa

Vol.9, No. 4, 2007


Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

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Survey of the Use of Organic Manure among Vegetable Farmers in Selected Districts in Ghana

by K. Agyarko and W.J. Adomako

Structures without Processes: An Analysis of the institutional Deficiencies in Community Based Forest Resource Management in Seke Resettlement Scheme

by Chigwenya A. and Chirisa Innocent

Sustainable Environmental Management: An Ethno-Based Approach: The Case of Totems, Spirostachys Africana and Acacia Nigrescens in Conserving Zimbabwean Fauna and Flora

by Crispen Dirwai

Bioscience and the Challenge to Economic Development

by Tafah Edokat and Ndjom Ndjom Mathias

Interrogating the Basic Cause of the Niger-Delta Debacle

By Adebola Babatunde Ekanola

Beef Cattle Production in a Peri-Urban Area of Zimbabwe

by Mashoko E., Muchenje V., Ndlovu T., Mapiye C., Chimonyo M., Musemwa L.

State of Forestry Research and Education in Nigeria and Subsaharan Africa: Implications for Sustained Capacity Building and Renewable Natural Resources Development

by Andrew Agbontalor Erakhrumen


The Effectiveness of Early Warning Systems for the Reduction of Flood Disasters: Some Experiences from Cyclone-Induced Floods in Zimbabwe

by Patrick Gwimbi

Investigating Gender Dimensions in Vending Activities in the City of Mutare, Zimbabwe

by O.I. Manyanhaire, T. Murenje, P. Chibisa, D. Munasirei, E Svotwa

Federalism and Political Stability in Nigeria: Current Peril and Future Hopes

by Abdulrasheed A. Muhammad


Political Parties and National Integration: Reflections on Nigeria Since 1999

by Abdulrasheed A. Muhammad

The Process of Privatization of Public and Para Public Enterprises in Cameroon: An Assessment

by Joseph Tcheunta Nzomo and Joseph Nzongang

Democratization, Good Governance and Development in Africa: The Nigerian Experience

by J. Shola Omotola

Environmental Degradation, Rising Poverty and Conflict: Towards an Explanation of the Niger-Delta Crisis

by H.A Saliu, Saka Luqman, Ali Arazeem Abdullahi

Water Allocation Capacity and Drought Contingency Planning in Ruwa

by E. Svotwa, V. Mashavira, I.O. Manyanhaire, P. Chibisa, E. Makaya

A Comparative Appraisal of Transport and Poverty Patterns for African Cities

by Manouchehr Vaziri and Neema Nasseer

Malcolm X and African American Self-Consciousness, by Magnus O. Bassey

Reviewed by Edwin Bell

Violence, Political Culture and Development in Africa, by Preben Kaarsholm

Reviewed by Percyslage Chigora

Zimbabwe: The Past is the Future: Rethinking Land, State and Nation in the Context of Crisis, by David Harold- Barry

Reviewed by Peter Makaye

Post Independence Land Reform in Zimbabwe: Controversies and Impact on the Economy, by Medicine Masiiwa

Reviewed by Constantine Munhande

Research Notes

Characterization of Community Identified Uapaca kirkiana Phenotypes for Domestification

by C.A.T. Katsvanga, L. Jimu, D. Gwenzi, L. Muhoni, P. Masuka, M. Moyo