Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa

Obong Ifiok 1 (Chief of Wisdom 1) of Ikot-Ekpene
Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Vol.13, No.3, 2011

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A Column Generation Approach to a Carpentry Cutting Stock Problem: A Case Study for Planks Cutting in Zimbabwe
By: Kazunga Cathrine, Mutambara Lillias H. N. and Mapurisa Jabulani
A Planning Process for Improving Decentralized Agricultural Extension Provision Based on a Ghanaian Case Study
By: Ernest L. Okorley, David Gray, and Janet Reid
Adoption of Soil Management Technologies by Smallholder Farmers in Central and Southern Malawi
By: Mildred Barungi and Beston B. Maonga
Are Payments for Environmental Services (PES) an Opportunity for Relieving Countries of the Congo Basin from Poverty?
By: Fidoline N. Nonga
Contributions of Corporate Social Responsibility to Agriculture and Rural Development in Nigeria
By: Adegboyega Oguntade and Taiwo Mafimisebi
Cross Cultural Investigation of Entrepreneurship Efficacy Beliefs of Rural and Urban Youth in Mashonaland Central Province, Zimbabwe
By: Silas Mangwende, Roseline T. Karambakuwa, Fungai N. Mauchi, Norah R. Gopo, Tsitsi Gate, Victoria Mudavanhu, and Gombarume Brian F.
Estimating Soil Loss Rates for Soil Conservation Planning in the Borena Woreda of South Wollo Highlands: Ethiopia
By: Abate Shiferaw and K.L. Singh
Funding Higher Education in the Dwindling Fiscal Resource Allocation: The Nigerian Perspective
By: Emmanuel C. Ibara
Institutionalized Stereotyping: Perceptions and Experiences of the Visually Impaired on the Media's Social Marketing of the HIV and AIDS Pandemic: A Case of the Visually Impaired People at Kapota School of the Blind
By: Ephraim Chifamba, Welliongton Mvundura, and Jacob Tagarirofa
Moral Dimensions of Some Shona Taboos (Zviera)
By: Dennis Masaka and Munamato Chemhuru
Multinationals and Adherence to the United Nations' Global Compact: A Focus on Shell Petroleum Development Company in Nigeria
By: Gerald Ekenedirichukwu Ezirim
Public Awareness and Quality of Knowledge Regarding Climate Change in Ghana: A Logistic Regression Approach
By: Henry De-Graft Acquah
The Determinants of Income Among Poor Farm Households of the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) in Abia State, Nigeria
By: K.C. Obike, O.O. Ukoha, and C.I. Ezeh
The Dollarization of the Economy and Service Delivery: A Case Study of Masvingo Municipality in Zimbabwe
By: Simbarashe Gukurume
The Effectiveness of Mechanisms and guidelines for the Implementation of the AIDS Action Programme in Zimbabwe Secondary Schools
By: Muguwe Emely and Pesanayi Gwirayi
The Hegelian State and the Rise of the Tyranny of the Minority: The African Political Experiment
By: Godwyns Ade' Agbude
The Role of Indigenous Knowledge Systems in the Management of Forest Resources in Mugabe Area, Masvingo
By: Vincent I. Tanyanyiwa and Mercy Chikwanha
The Utilization of Computer Technology in Environmental Studies at Midlands State University Zimbabwe: A Focus on the Departments of Geography and Environmental Studies and Surveying and Geomatics
By: Steven Jerie and G. Munyavi
Towards Sustainable Development: An Assessment of Knowledge Management Initiatives in Nigerian Universities
By: Dorcas Ejemeh Krubu and Solomon Gboge Krubu
Transactional Sex and Politics of the Belly at Tertiary Educational Institutions in the Era of HIV and AIDS: A Case Study of Great Zimbabwe University and Masvingo Polytechnical College
By: Sean Gukurume
Urbanization Trend and Water Insecurity in Developing Economy Mega-City: A Case Study of Lagos, Nigeria
By: Oluwole Olusegun Akiyode
Workers' Autonomy Under Siege: An Analysis of the Challenges Faced by Zimbabwe's Trade Unions in an Economy Under Stress and a Bipolarized Political Environment
By: Gilbert Tarugarira
Analysis of Approaches of Communication for Social Change: The Case of Amhara National Regional State Women Affairs Bureau (Ethiopia)
By: Adem Chanie Ali
Analysis of Cost and Return For Sesame Production In Nasarawa State: Implication For Sustainable Development In Nigeria
By: Godwin Anjeinu Abu, Daniel Abah and Stephen Adogwu Okpachu


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Reviewed By: Nyanga Takupiwa