Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa

Vol.13, No.1, 2011

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief
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A Comparative Study of the Culture of Skilled Nursing Facilities in High and Low Density Areas: A Case for Masvingo Urban in Zimbabwe
By: Louise Stanley Madungwe, Isabel Makwara Mupfumira, and Winnet Chindedza
An Analysis of the Location of Worship Centers on Residential Property Values in Ota, Nigeria
By: Chukwuemeka Osmond Iroham, Samuel Adesiyan Oloyede, and Adedamola Olufunke Oluwunmi
An Assessment on the Status of Water Supply and Sanitation in Ethiopia: A Case of Ambo Town
By: Srilaxmi Shanmugham and Solomon BekeleTekle
An Assessment of the Opportunities and Challenges of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange
By: Issac Paul
An Empirical Investigation of the Association between Firms Characteristics and Corporate Social Disclosures in the Nigerian Financial Sector
By: Uwuigbe Uwalomwa
Civil Society and Anti-Corruption Crusade in Nigeria's Fourth Republic
By: Jonathan A. Aderonmu
Evaluating the Land-Use and Land-Cover Dynamics in Borena Woreda of South Wollo Highlands, Ethiopia
By: Abate Shiferaw and K.L. Singh
Human Rights Redress an Indispensable Entity in Zimbabwe's Constitution Making Process
By: Jowere Mukusha
Land-Use/Land-Cover Changes in Ethiopia: A Case Study from Nonno District, Central Ethiopia
By: Messay Mulugeta Tefera
Limited Policy Engagement of NGOs: A Guilt Trip on the Nigerian State
By: Segun Oshewolo
Measures to Reduce the High Incidence of Structural Failures in Nigeria
By: Anthony Nkem Ede
Natural Co-Existence or Confinement: Challenges in Integrating Bird-Life Concerns into Urban Planning and Design for Zimbabwe
By: Trymore Muderere
Political Leadership and the Politics of Anti-Corruption Project in Nigeria (1999-2009)
By: Declan Azubuike Amaraegbu
Socioeconomic Determinants of Profit in Wholesale and Retail Banana Marketing in Umuahia Agricultural Zone of Abia State, Nigeria
J.C. Nawru, A.C. Nwosu, and V.C. Agommuo
Student Nurses' Perceptions of the HIV and AIDS problem: A Case Study of Bindura School of Nursing, Zimbabwe
By: Tapfuiwa James Katsinde, Constance Shorayi Katsinde, and Marizvikuru Mwale
The Impact of Poverty, Tenure Security, and Risks on Sustainable Land Management Strategies in North Central Ethiopia: Analysis across Three Agro-Ecological Zones
By: Bamlaku Alamirew
The Impact of Rainfall Variability on Rain-Fed Tobacco in Manicaland Province of Zimbabwe
By: Steven Jerie and T. Ndabaningi
The Transformation of Urban Built-Up Areas During South Africa's Democratic Transition: A Case of Port Elizabeth City Using Remote Sensing
By: John O. Odindi and Paidamwoyo Mhangara
The Quest for a Shift from Users to Makers and Shapers of Policies: A Review of Policymaking in the Education Sector in Ethiopia, 1991-2004
By: Mulugeta Abebe
The Quest for Inclusive Education: The Case of Pakame High School
By: Mika Nyoni, Joel Marashe and Tsitsi Nyoni
Thirst in the Midst of the Twin Lakes: A Quest for Understanding Nortons Ironical Water Woes
By: Tanyaradzwa Chigonda
Wildlife Tourism in Gonarezhou National Park, Southeast Zimbabwe: Opportunities for Wildlife Viewing
By: Edson Gandiwa
Women, Land, and Poverty in Zimbabwe: Deconstructing the Impacts of the Fast Track Land Reform Programme
By: Sandra Bhatasara
Zimbabwe's Land Contestations and Her Politico-Economic Crises: A Philosophical Dialogue
By: Dennis Masaka
Youth Unemployment and Implications for Stability of Democracy in Nigeria
By: Emeka Emmanuel Okafor


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