Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa

Vol.12, No.7, 2010

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief
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A Sociological Discourse on Personal and National Development In Nigeria
By: David Imhonopi and Ugochukwu Moses Urim
Analysis of Veldfire Incidents in Makoni and Chimanimani Districts of Zimbabwe Using GIS, Remote Sensing and Public Domain Data
By: Charles Chigurah and Steven Jerie
Conservation Farming and the Food Security-Insecurity Matrix in Zimbabwe: A Case of Ward 21 Chivi Rural
By: Gukurume Simbarashe, Nhodo Lloyd and Dube Charles
Corruption, the Police and the Challenges of a Free and Fair Election in Nigeria
By: Olawale Idowu
Environmental and Health Impact of Solid Waste Disposal at Mangwaneni Dumpsite in Manzini: Swaziland
By: Salam Abul
Establishment of Partnerships between Supermarkets and Horticulture Irrigation Cooperatives in Mt Darwin, Zimbabwe: A Case Study of Dotito - Muchenje Irrigation
By: Roseline T. Karambakuwa, Tsitsi Gate, Ngonidzashe Karambakuwa and Silas Mangwende
Rule of Law, Planning and Sustainable Development in Nigeria
By: Ola Aluko
The Politics of Democratization in Nigeria: Are the People Involved?
By: Ikenna Mike Alumona
The Dietary Role of Traditional Vegetables in the Rural Communities Of Imo State, Nigeria
By: P.C. Aju and L. Poopola
The Clean Development Mechanism and Investment Opportunities in the Forestry Sub-Sector of the Nigerian Economy
By: P.C. Aju
Taboos as Sources of Shona People's Environmental Ethics
By: Munamato Chemhuru & Dennis Masaka
Sustainable Development: The Role of Chemical Technology in the Industrialization of Nigeria
By: E. M. Okonkwo, O. J. Okunola and C. S. Ezeanyanaso
Revisiting the Definition of Poverty
By: Gerald Nyasulu
Poverty Amidst Plenty: Southern Africa's Regional Shame
By: Jephias Mapuva and Peter Makaye
'Operating in Men's Shoes': Challenges Faced by Female Managers in the Banking Sector of Zimbabwe
By: Maxwell Chuma and Florence Ncube
Neighborhood Citizenship Participation in Environmental Planning and Management in Lagos State: The Estate Surveyors' View
By: S.A. Oloyede, M.O. Ajibola and O.D. Durodola
Mechanisms for Redistributing Possible Water Savings from Water Demand Management in Swaziland: The Case of Iysis Canal
By: Sizwe D. Mabaso, Saico S. Singwane, and Graciana Peter
Indigenous Knowledge System' (IKSs) Potential for Establishing A Moral, Virtous Society: Lessons from Selected IKSs in Zimbabwe and Mozambique
By: Munyaradzi Mawere
Financial Literacy and Financial Decision Making Capacity: The Gender Balance Issue
By: Ebiringa, O. T. and Okorafor, E.O.
An Overview of the Management Practices at Solid Waste Disposal Sites in African Cities and Towns
By: Masvingo V. Remigios
Beyond the Rhetoric of Gender Equality: Is the School System an Agent of Change?
By: Hedwick Chinyani


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