Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa

Vol. 12, No6, 2010

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Traditional Grain Crops in Pre-Colonial and Colonial Zimbabwe: A Factor for Food Security and Social Cohesion among the Shona People
By: Baxter Tavuyanago, Nicholas Mutami and Kudakwashe Mbenene
The Role of Geoinformation Technology for Predicting and Mapping of Forest Cover Spatio-Temporal Variability: Dendi District Case Study, Ethiopia
By: Berhan Gessesse Awoke
The Potential of Liquefied Petroleum Gas as a Viable Energy Option for the Industrial Sector in Ghana
By: Daniel Kweku Baah Inkoom and Beatrice Sakyibea Biney

The Politics of Money Burning and Foreign Currency Exchange in Zimbabwe: A Case Study of Mucheke Residents in Masvingo
By: Simbarashe Gukurume

The 2000-2004 Fast Track Land Reform Program and Biodiversity Issues in the Middle Save Conservancy
By: Paul Chibisa, Annamore Ruzive and Clifford T. Mandipa

Socio-Cultural Dynamics of Informal Diamond Mining in Chiadzwa, Zimbabwe
By: Obvious Katsaura
Social Capital as a Catalyst for Community Development: A Case of Poor Localities in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
By: Samson Kassahun

Reclaiming the Zimbabwean Democratic Voice in Media and Education: Situating the Role of Public Sphere and Civil Society in Development
By: Erasmus Masitera

Public Housing Delivery Strategies in Nigeria: A Historical Perspective of Policies and Programmes
By: Ademiluyi, I. A.

Post Resettlement Pattern of Socio-Economic Change and Rural Development in Jebba Villages, Nigeria
By: R. A. Olawepo and M. O. Lawal
Microfinance Banks and Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria
By: Godwin Chigozie Okpara

Land As Sacrificial Lamb: A Critical Reflection on the Effects of Colonial and Post-Independent Land Management Policies in Zimbabwe
By: Richard S. Maposa, Daniel Gamira and James Hlongwana
Impact of Poverty on the Sustainability of Forests in Nigeria: Implication for Sustainable Forests and Reduction in Global Warming
By: Unekwu Onuche

Human Induced Disaster and the Socioeconomic Capitals of Squatter Settlers: The Case of the Kore Community in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
By: Asmamaw Legass Bahir

Growth Determinants of Women-Operated Micro and Small Enterprises in Addis Ababa
By: Rahel Wasihun and Issac Paul
Government of National Unity (Gnu) As A Conflict Prevention Strategy: Case of Zimbabwe And Kenya
By: Jephias Mapuva
Galloping Poverty in Nigeria: An Appraisal of Government's Interventionist Policies
By: Segun Oshewolo
Empirical Analysis of Agricultural Production and Climate Change: A Case Study of Nigeria
By: Ayinde, O. E., Ajewole, O. O., Ogunlade, I. and Adewumi, M.O.
Deconstructing Politics in Africa: The Resurgence of Service Paradigm
By: Godwyns Ade Agbude
Application of Crop Information System to the Management of Rice Plantations in Patigi Local Government Area of Kwara State, Nigeria
By: Olabode A.D., Ajibade, L.T. and Ogunbodede, E.F.
An Appraisal of the Challenges That Affect Sustainability and Productivity of the Land Use in the Borena Woreda of South Wollo Highlands: Ethiopia
By: Abate Shiferaw and K.L.Singh
An Analysis of the Value of Peer Education In Hiv/Aids Discourse: A Philosophic Reflection
By: Jowere Mukusha
Violence and the Political Economy of Informal Diamond Mining in Chiadzwa, Zimbabwe
By: Obvious Katsaura
At What Level is Inflation Least Detrimental Towards Finance-Growth Activity In South Africa?
By: A. Phiri

The Effects of Information in Contingent Markets for Environmental Goods: Illustration from the DJA Forest Park in Cameroon
By : Pierre Samuel Nemb and Neba Cletus Yah


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