Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa

Vol. 12, No5, 2010

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief
About the Contributors


A Commentary by Koku Adomdza: 21st Century Africans in Leadership-Privilege Of Humility, Service, Responsibility and Accountability
Child Labor Dynamics and Implications for Sustainable Development in Nigeria
By: Emeka Emmanuel Okafor
Colonialism No Longer an Excuse for Africa's Failure
By: Jephias Mapuva and Freeman Chari
Agricultural Innovation System Interventions and Technology Use in Africa: The Case of Inorganic Fertilizers in Rural Malawi
By: Mariam Atj Mapila, Johann F Kirsten and Ferdinand H Meyer
A Theoretical Defense of Voluntary Euthanasia in the Context of Aids Terminal Illnesses in Zimbabwe
By: Dennis Masaka
The Impact of Oil Exploitation on the Socio-Economic Life of the Ilaje-Ugbo People of Ondo State, Nigeria
By: Abosede Babatunde
The Impact of Nutrition on the Recovery of Tuberculosis-Infected Women in Zimbabwe
By: Lilian Manwa
Review of the Challenges Facing the Nigerian Economy: Is National Development Possible Without Technological Capability?
By: Victor E. Dike
The Adoption of Multicurrency System a Panacea to Urban Dwellers' Socio-Economic Challenges? Perceptions of High Density Suburbs' Residents in Gweru, Zimbabwe
By: Thomas Marambanyika, Trish-Mae Muziti, Mark Matsa, and Timothy Mutekwa
The Idea of Sustainable Development to Reconcile the Environmental and the Intellectual Property Protection of Plants
By: Abeba Tadesse Gebreselassie
The Centrality of Human Capital Development to the Attainment of Nigeria's Vision 202020 Development Programme
By: Harry Deinibiteim Monimah
Religious Politics and its Implications for Sustainable Development in the Post Independence Nigeria
By: O.O Familusi
Perceived Impacts of Climate Related Parameters on Smallholder Farmers In Zambia and Zimbabwe
By: Chipo Plaxedes Mubaya, Jemimah Njuki, Emma Liwenga, Eness Paidamoyo Mutsvangwa, Francis Themba Mugabe
A Sociological Discourse on Personal and National Development in Nigeria
By: David Imhonopi and Ugochukwu Moses Urim
Mapping Groundwater Aquifers Using Dowsing, Slingram Electromagnetic Survey Method and Vertical Electrical Sounding Jointly in the Granite Rock Formation: A Case of Matshetshe Rural Area in Zimbabwe
By: Shakespeare Ndlovu, V. Mpofu, D. Manatsa and E. Muchuweni
Low Cattle Market Off-Take Rates In Communal Production Systems of South Africa: Causes and Mitigation Strategies
By: L. Musemwa, A. Mushunje, M. Chimonyo and C. Mapiye
Local Government, Corruption and Democracy in Nigeria
By: Tolu Lawal and Abegunde Oladunjoye
Integrated Remote Sensing Approach to Desertification Monitoring in the Crop-Rangeland Area of Yobe State, Nigeria
By: Haruna D. Musa and Bukar Shaib
Evaluation of the Impact of Agricultural Recovery Programmes On Communal Farming Productivity in Mudavanhu Ward 12 of Masvingo District
By: Marambanyika Thomas, Mutekwa Timothy, Matsa Mark and Mapuranga Johannes
Environment Induced Conflict and Sustainable Development: A Case of Fulani-Farmers' Conflict in Oke-Ero Lgas, Kwara State, Nigeria
By: Olabode A.D. And Dr. Ajibade, L.T.
Combating Maternal Mortality in the Gushegu District of Ghana: The Role of Rural Transportation
By: Michael Poku-Boansi, Ellis Ekekpe and Agatha Akua Bonney
The Role of Women in Sustainable Aquacultural Development in Delta State
By: A. A. Nwabueze
Urban Environmental Security in Developing Economy Mega-City: A Case Study of Lagos, Nigeria
By: Oluwole Olusegun Akiyode


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