Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa

Dr. Valentine James (Editor-in-Chief) )

Vol.12, No.4, 2010

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief
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Towards A Cross-Sector Pluralistic Agricultural Extension System in A Decentralized Policy Context: A Ghanaian Case Study
BY: Ernest L. Okorley, David Gray and Janet Reid

The Effectiveness of Basin Tillage on Maize Production in the Semi-Arid Dayataya Ward of Southern Zimbabwe
BY: Steven Jerie and Precious Mugiya
An Analysis of the Environmental Stewardship Concept and Its Applicability in Peri-Urban Towns: Lessons from Epworth In Zimbabwe
BY: Innocent Chirisa
Achieving Vision 2020 in Nigeria: A Review of the Economic and Market-Oriented Business Reforms
BY: Ezirim Aloy Chinedu, Okeke C. Titus and Ebiriga O. Thaddeus
HIV/AIDS and Efficiency of FOOD Production in the Rainforest Belt of Nigeria
BY: A.S. Ovekaka and A.I. Adeoti
The Dynamics of Women Participation in Democratic Politics and Sustainable Development in Africa
BY: Joe Duke II
Re-Embracing Indigenous Technical Knowledge Systems (ITKS): The Potential Of Wetland Maize Production In Household Food Security. Case of Murinye Communal Area, Zimbabwe
BY: Joseph P. Musara; Joseph Chimvuramahwe; Patricia Mukuwiri, and Dadirai Tsaurai
The Chimpanzee Community of German-Fort, and the Potentials for the Development of Tourism-Base Management of Gashaka-Gumti National Park, Nigeria
BY: Ogunjemite, B. G., Ashimi, T.A and Okeyoyin, O. A.
Socio-Economic Impact of Government Spraying Programme on Cocoa Farmers in Ghana
BY: Vincent Abankwah, Robert Aidoo, Richard K. Osei
Linking Knowledge and Practice: Assessing Options for Sustainable Use of Mopane Worms (Imbrasia Belina) In Southern Zimbabwe
BY: Tendayi Gondo, Peter Frost, Witness Kozanayi, Jayne Stack, and Member Mushongahande
Geospatial Quality Data Acquisition Problems in Sub-Saharan Africa
BY: A. Ayanlade, O. Babatimehin, M.O Olawole and Orimogunje, O.O.I
Gender, Resource Management, and the Rural Landscape in Africa
BY: Matsa Mark and Matsa Winniefridah
Land Reform Process and Property Rights in Zimbabwe: Constraints and Future Prospects (1980-2002)
BY: Njaya T. and Mazuru N
Exploring Psychological Disorders Caused By Poverty amongst Orphans and Vulnerable Children Living Within Child-Headed Households
BY: Emily Ganga and Kudzai Chinyoka
Evaluation of Eco-Environmental Vulnerability in Efon Alaye Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) Techniques
BY: Enete, Ifeanyi.C; Alabi,M.O & Adoh, E. N
Ethno-Religious Crises and the Challenges of Sustainable Development in Nigeria
BY: R. Ibrahim Adebayo
The Relationship between Firm Size and Technical Efficiency in East Africa Manufacturing Firms
BY: Niringiye Aggrey, Luvanda Eliab, and Shitundu Joseph
Disaster Management in Ethiopia: A Review of Its Checkered History, Its Transformation and Some Implications for a Vibrant Disaster Management System, 1975-2008
BY: Mulugeta Abebe
Climatic Change and National Security: Exploring the Conceptual and Empirical Connections in Nigeria
BY: Freedom C. Onuoha and Gerald E. Ezirim
Assessment of Rual Poverty: The case of selected Kebeles of Shashemane Woreda, Ethiopia
By: Bilusie Begna and Issac Paul