Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa

Dr. Valentine James (Editor-in-Chief) )and Kristen Pearce(Graduate Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief)

Vol.12, No.3, 2010

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief
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The Use of Expert Systems has Improved Student Learning in Zimbabwe
By: Lucy Charity Sakala, Obert Muzurura, and Lemias Zivanai

The Nigerian Press, The Public Sphere and Sustainable Development: Engaging the Post Amnesty Deal in the Niger Delta
By: Uzoechi Nwagbara
The New Scramble for Africa: How Acquisition of Large Parcels of Land Threatens Sustainable Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
By: Richard Ingwe, James Okoro, and Joseph Ukwayi
The Environmental Effects of Effluent Disposal at Gold Mines in Zimbabwe: A Case Study of Tiger Reef Mine in Kwekwe
By: Steven Jerie and Edmore Sibanda
The Elusive Multiple Uses of Irrigation Water: Some of the Forgotten Issues In Smallholder Irrigation Schemes Designing in Zimbabwe
By: Oniward Svubure and Conrade Zawe
Rural Development Policy Cross-Roads in a Post-Zanu (PF) Era
By: Vusilizwe Thebe
Rate of Land Use/ Land Cover Changes in Shurugwi District, Zimbabwe: Drivers for Change
By: Matsa Mark and Muringaniza Kudakwashe
Payment for Ecosystem Services and Poverty Reduction in Rwanda
By: G. Andrew Stainback and Michel Masozera
Nigeria Convicts and the Prisons Rehabilitation Ideals
By: Bashir Tanimu
Meeting the Millennium Developmental Goals (MDGs) Targets for Water and Sanitation in the Urban Areas of Africa: The Example of Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria
By: Afolabi Aribigbola
Managing Environmental Conflict in the Ilaje Oil Producing Areas of the Niger Delta, Nigeria
By: Abosede Babatunde
Lesser Known Seed: A Renewable Pathway for Sustainable Animal Production in Africa
By: M.A. Belewu and J.O. Olajide
Land Use Changes, Impacts, and Options for Sustaining Productivity and Livelihoods in the Basin of Lake Victoria
By: Joseph. M. Maitima, J.M Olson, S. M. Mugatha, S. Mugisha and I. T. Mutie
Ghana's Fertilizer Subsidy Policy: Early Field Lessons from Farmers in the Central Region
By: David O. Yawson, Frederick A. Armah, Ernest K.A. Afrifa, and Samuel K.N. Dadzie
Human Resources and Economic Development in Nigeria
By: C.I. Ogunleye-Adetona
Gender, Poverty and Access to Socio-Economic Services in Un-Planned and Un-Serviced Urban Areas of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
By: Agnes G. Mwakaje
Food Security Attainment Role of Urban Agriculture: A Case Study from Adama Town, Central Ethiopia
By: Messay Mulugeta Tefera
Do Emerging Financial Markets Impact on Investment Opportunity Set: A Dynamic Analysis of Nigerian Case
By: Godwin Chigoze Okpara
Challenges and Consequences of Displacement and Squatting: The Case of Kore Area in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
By: Asmamaw Legass Bahir

Cannabis and Sustainable Development in Ghomara's Mountains (Western Coastal Part of Rif - North Of Morocco): The Gender Makes The Difference?
By: Meklach Y., J. Sanchez Alhama, J. Molero Mesa, A. V. Martos, A. Ouahrani and A. Merzouki
Assessment on the Mechanisms and Challenges of Small Scale Agricultural Credit from Commercial Banks In Ethiopia: The Case Of Ada'a Liben Woreda Ethiopia
By: Atkilt Admasu and Issac Paul
An Assessment of the Benefits and Costs of Black Granite Quarrying In Mutoko District, Zimbabwe: A Socio-Cultural, Biophysical and Economic Approach
By: Tanyaradzwa Chigonda
A Comparative Analysis of Global North and Global South Economies
By: Lemuel Ekedegwa Odeh
Water Supply and Sanitation in New Residential Areas in Zimbabwean Towns: The Case of Maridale High-Density Suburb in Norton
By: Tanyaradzwa Chigonda
Urban Farming, Its Relevance, Sustainability and Policy Implications: A Case Study of Gweru and Masvingo Urban Areas
By: Tshuma Doreen T and Mashoko Dominic
Translation and the Language of Implementation of Third-World Development - A Study on Sustainability in Africa
By: Jim Harries
Towards A Paradigm Shift in the Niger Delta: Transformational Leadership Change in the Era of Post Amnesty Deal
By: Uzoechi Nwagbara

A Spatial Decision Support System Approch to Sustainable Physical Development Planning in a Built Environment
By: D. O. Baloye, F. A. Adesina, and O. Kufoniyi


Tim Hart and Ineke Vorster, Indigenous Knowledge on the South African Landscape: Potentials for Agricultural Development, Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa, 200.p.52. ISBN 978-07969-2162-8.
Reviewed by: Percyslage Chigora