Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa

Vol.12, No.2, 2010

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

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NOTICE OF RETRACTION: The Editorial Board of the Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa has retracted 'A Farm Resource Allocation Problem: Case Study of Small Scale-Commercial Farmers in Zimbabwe', by Felix Majeke and Judith Majeke, which appeared in Volume 12, Issue 2, first published on July 21, 2010. After publication of the article, the Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa received notice of participation by additional authors of the article and significant revisions and edits to the original article were subsequently submitted by one of those additional authors. After careful review of the matter and the additional submission, the Editorial Board determined the best course of action was to remove the entire article. Retraction was effective on October 6, 2010. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this retraction may cause.


An Analysis of the Coping Strategies Arising out of Food Shortages in Zimbabwe: A Case of Chitse and Kamutsedzere Wards of Mt Darwin District from 2007-2008
By: Munaku E. Zvikomborero and Percyslage Chigora

Water Resources Use, Abuse and Regulations in Nigeria
By E.O. Longe, D.O. Omole, I.K. Adewumi and A.S. Ogbiye
Boko Haram: Nigeria's Extra-Judicial State
By: Emmanuel O. Ojo
Analysis of Demand For Rice in Ile Ife, Osun State, Nigeria
By: Kassali, R., Kareem, R.O., Oluwasola, O. and Ohaegbulam, O.M
The Trend of Demised Industries in a Nigerian Environment: Implications for Sustainable Development
By: Olawepo, R.A. and Fadayiro, M.O.
Viability of Rainwater Harvesting in Supplying Domestic Water in Rural Areas of Swaziland: A Case of Mpaka Community
By: Saico S. Singwane and Simiso G. Kunene
Illegal Dumping Of Solid Waste in the Alleys in the Central Business District Of Gweru, Zimbabwe
By: Remigios V. Mangizvo
An analysis of the Implications of the Fast Track Land Reform Program on Climate Change and Disaster Management in Zimbabwe: A Case of Chegutu District
By: Gibson Chitiga and Percyslage Chigora
An Analysis of the Impact of the Fast Track Land Reform Programme on Disaster Management in Zimbabwe: A Case of Vungu Rural District (2000-2009).
By: Chiedza Kimberley Chabhongora, Crispen Hahlani and Percyslage Chigora
The Urban Poverty Dilemma in Nigeria and Attempts towards Poverty Alleviation
By: Ignatius Okosun, Chamhuri Siwar, Abdul Samad Hadi and Abd Rahim Md Nor
A Survey of Ethno-Religious Crisis and Its Implications for Nigeria's Nascent Democracy
By: Emmanuel O. Ojo
Responses by African Governments to the Global Economic and Financial Crisis and Lessons
By: Abu, Nurudeen and Benneth OBI
Prioritizing Factors of Failure in Controlling Physical Development in Nigerian Cities
By: Michael Oloyede Alabi
Political Succession and Sustainable Development in Emerging Democracies, Lessons from Ghana and Nigeria
By: Marietu Tenuche
The Role of Macro-Systemic Contexts in Understanding the Aetiology and Epidemiology of Child Sexual Abuse in Southern Africa
By: Pesanayi Gwirayi
Knowledge Management and Capacity Building for Sustainable Development in Africa
By: Modestus Nnamdi Onyeaghalaji and Dorcas Ejemeh Igberaese
Gender and Leadership: Factors Influencing Election into Student Representative Council and Implications for Sustainable Development
By: Pesanayi Gwirayi
Gender Mainstreaming Of Environmental Concerns: Panacea for Environmental Sustainability and Peace in the Niger Delta Region
By: Oluwole Olusegun Akiyode
Some Factors Impacting on Quantity of Water Used by Households in a Rapidly Rrbanizing State Capital in South Western Nigeria
By: A. E Olajuyigbe
Communicating Sustainability: The Apparent and Latent Features of Environmental Reporting in the Zimbabwean Press
By: Tigere Chagutah
Challenges to the Democratization Process in Africa
By: Jephias Mapuva
The Impact of Globalization on South Africa's Economic Development
By: Jephias Mapuva

Forestry, Poeverty Alleviation and Human Livelihoods Support in Cross River State, Nigeria: An Analysis of Sub-National Agro-Forestry Development Policy in a Poverty Stricken Bioregion

By: Richard Ingwe, C.C.C. Ikeji and Walter Mboto


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