Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa

Vol.11, No.1, 2009


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Perceptions on Ecological Sanitation in Zimbabwe: The Case of Masiyarwa Communal Area in Zvimba District of Mashonaland West Province
By: Itai Offat Manyanhaire, and Mutangadura –Mangeya Sandra

Traditional Crafts and Rural Livelihoods in Manicaland’s Semi-Arid Areas: Implications for Biodiversity and Environmental Sustainability
By: Paul Chibisa and Lameck Rwizi

The Problem of Housing Backlog in Zimbabwe’s Urban Centres: The Case of Gweru City in the Midlands Province
By: Mangizvo R. V. and Dzikiti S.

Striving For Results: Prescriptions for Broadening the Sustainable Development Principles for Policy Making and Planning In Africa
By: Jerry Kolo

Econometric Modeling of the Effects of Economic Policies on Food output in Nigeria under Obasanjo’s Administration
By: Anthony O. Onoja and Agumagu A. C.

Access to Safe Drinking Water by Rural Communities in Zimbabwe: A Case Of Mundenda Village In Mutasa District Of Manicaland Province
By: Itai Offat Manyanhaire and Taneal Kamuzungu

Land Tenure as a Challenge to the Sustainability of the Amokwao Community Resource Management Area in Ghana
By: Braimah, I., E. P. Tudzi and T. Y. Baah-Ennumh

Impact of Climate Change on Sustainable Tourism Management in Plateau State, Nigeria
By: H.M. Ijeomah and A.A. Aiyeloja

Entrpreneurship Education (EE) For All Students in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) In Nigeria: A Means To Sustainable Development
By: Margaret Emalereta Akpomi

From Cradle to Grave…and Then What? The Role of Environmental Factors in the Distribution of Pollutants around the City of Gweru’s Dumpsite
By: Matsa, Mark and Mutekwa, Timothy

Food Security Initiatives in Nigeria: Prospects and Challenges
By: Arthur E. Davies

Capacity Building for Decentralized Local Governance: The Case of Adami Tulu Jido Woreda and Ziway Town in Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia
By: Nigussie Daba and Ignatious Mberengwa

Changing Residential Composition in a Home for the Elderly? The Case of Bumhudzo Hospital Home In Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe
By: Ignatius Gutsa and Sunungurai Dominica Chingarand

Challenges of Productive Safety Net Program Implementation at Local Level: The Case of Kuyu Woreda, North Shewa Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia
By: Fekadu Nigussa and Ignatius Mberengwa

Appraisal of Water Supply Facilities in Rural Riverine Coastal Areas of Lagos State
By: E.O. Longe, O.B. Omotoso and G.A. Sodamade

Effectiveness of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems in Enhancing Corporate Environmental Sustainability at Unilever South East Africa in Harare, Zimbabwe
By: Thomas Marambanyika and Timothy Mutekwa

Bush Encroachment in Zimbabwe: A Preliminary Observation on Soil Properties
By: J. Mzezewa and J Gotosa

Can Nigeria’s Nascent Democracy Survive?
By: Emmanuel O. Ojo and P. F. Adebayo

Roles of State and Indigenous Authorities in Pastoralist Conflict and Its Mitigation: Karamoja, Northern Uganda: Opportunities For Peace
By: Kennedy A. Mkutu

A Preliminary Appraisal of a Waste Dumpsite in Zimbabwe: A Case of Mutare Dumpsite in Manicaland Province
By: I.O. Manyanhaire, D. Munasirei and T. Nhundu

The Use of Innovative Distance Learning Programs as a Means of Developing Innovative Environmental Problem Solvers from Internationally, Ethnically, Culturally, And Racially Diverse Backgrounds
By: Darrell Norman Burrell

The Problem of Burst Sewage Pipes and Sewerage Outflows in East View Suburb in Kadoma City, Zimbabwe
By: Mangizvo R. V.


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Reviewed by: Percyslage Chigora