Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa

Vol.10, No.1, 2008


Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

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The Informality of Insurance Practices: An Attempt of Analysis

by Ngassam Silver Bertelet and Joseph Tcheunta Nzomo

Impact of Operation Murambatsvina (Restore Order) on Flea Markets in Mutare: Implications for achieving MDG 1 and Sustainable Urban Livelihoods

by P. Chibisa and C. Siguake

The Challenges Facing African Union in Achieving Continental Security: Towards a Comprehensive Analysis of Some Enlightening Views at the New Millennium

by Percyslage Chigora

The Feasibility of Arms Control and Disarmament in Achieving Human Security: The African Experience in the Post Cold War

by Percyslage Chigora and Rtd Lieutenant Colonel Niya Mtombeni

Detection and Characterization of Xanthomonas Phaseoli (E. F. SM) in Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L) Seeds Collected in Zimbabwe

by C. Karavina, J. Chihiya, and T.A. Tigere

An Investigation into the Factors Limiting Effective Water Supply in Rural Areas of Zimbabwe: A case study of Zhomba in Gokwe North District

by Edmore S. Maguva and Sherman Mutengu

The Use of Phytoremediation Technology for Abatement of Soil and Groundwater Pollution in Tanzania: Opportunities and Challenges

by William S. Mwegoha

Energy Crisis and Sustainable Development in Africa: The imperative of Economic Diversification in Nigeria

by Moveh David Omeiza

Oil Induced Environmental Degradation and Internal Polpulation Displacement in Nigeria’s Niger-Delt

by C.O. Opukri and Ibaba Samuel Ibaba

Vegetable Gardening in Primary Schools and Its Impact on Community Livelihoods in Uganda

by C. Ssekyewa, C. Kudamba, J. Mwine, O. Emuron, F. Jumba, M. Nantongo, and J. Kasekend

Socioeconomic Trends and Constraints in Organic Farming in the Small Holder Farming Sector of Zimbabwe

by E. Svotwa, R. Baipai, S. Gwatibaya, M. Tsvere, and J. Jiyan

Revisiting Plant Genetic Resources Networks in the Sub-Saharan Africa Region

by Wilson Y.F. Marandu and Henry N. Kamua


Africa’s Media: Democracy and the Politics of Belonging, by Francis B. Nyamnjoh

Reviewed by Percyslage Chigora

Power, Wealth, and Global Equity: An International Relations Textbook for Africa, by Patrick J. McGowan and Philip Nel

Reviewed by Percyslage Chigora

Reinventing Development? Translating Rights Based Approaches from Theory into Practice, by Paul Gready and Jonathan Ensor

Reviewed by Percyslage Chigora

Suffering for the Territory: Race, Place, and Power in Zimbabwe, by Donald S. Moore

Reviewed by Percyslage Chigora

Local Environmental Change and Society in Africa, by M.A. Mohamed Salid

Reviewed by Peter Makaye