Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa

Vol.8, No.2


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Market Structure and Profitability Performance in the Banking Industry of CFA Countries: The case of Commercial Banks in Cameroon

Exploitation of Spatial Heterogeneity for Food Security by Samllholder Farmers in a Semi-Arid Areas of Zimbabwe
By Chikuvire T.J., Mpepereki S, Tigere T.A. and R. Foti

Economic Implications of Using Manure Decision Guides as Decision Support Tools for Smallholder Soil Fertility Management in Zimbabwe
By Chipfupa U. and Mano R.

A comparative Appraisal of Water Resources Sustainable Development for African Urban Areas
By Manouchehr Vaziri and Reza Tolouei

Exploring Cooperation in a Health Programme Based on Community Participation: The case of NWPSFH in Cameroon.
By Ofeh, M. A and Njong, M. A,

The Nexus between Equitable Land Distribution and Poverty Reduction: An Overview of the Zimbabwean Situation
By Percyslage Chigora

Rethinking Monetary and Fiscal Policies in Nigeria
By Abel Ezeoha and Chibuike U Uche

Trends in Fertilizer Consumption in Cameroon: Implications for Sustainable Agricultural Development
By Jacob F. Teboh

Spatial Variability: Perceptions, Practices and Implication on Sustainability of Soil Fertility Management by Smallholder Farmers in a Semi-Arid Area of Zimbabwe.
By Chikuvire T. J. and Mpepereki S.

Survival of Pseudomonas Syringae pv. Tomato in Different Soil Types and Moisture Regimes
By Z.Mavunganidze, M. Mwale, M.Mutenje, T.J Chikuvire and T.A.Tigere

The Potential Implications of Agricultural Trade Liberalisation on the Southern Africa Customs Union (SACU) Smaller (BNLS) Economies: An ATPSM Model Analysis
By Botswiri Oupa Tsheko

NEPAD and the Challenges of Attracting Foreign Direct Investment in Africa
By Zein Kebonang and Sesupo Mosweu

The Impact of Economic News Broadcast in the Poverty Reduction Strategy
By Jacob TCHE

Relationship between Child Rearing Pattern and Secondary School Students Study Habits
By G. Awujo


Kapi, Mara Idrissou (Director) Release Date (2005), Arlit, Deuxieme Paris. California Newsreel TRT: 78 minutes. Niger/France
. In French, Hausa and Tamashek with English sub-titles.
Reviewed by Valentine U. James

Gibellini, R. (1994). Paths of African Theology. Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books. $12.00 paper (out of print). v + 195 pp + bibliography + contributors + index
Reviewed by Ojo Thompson