Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa

Vol.9, No.1





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The Spatical and Temporal Variation of pH and Lead in Rain Water in Harare City, Zimbabwe
By C. Bangira, A., Manyevere, and P. Mubvumba

Sustainable Use of Wetlands: A Case for Nwaonazvawo Village in Mutasa District of Manicaland Province of Zimbabwe
By Svotwa, E., Manuanhaire, O.I. and P. Makome

The Impact of Public Deficit on Private Savings: The Case of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CARMC) Countries
By Elie Ngongang
Reasons for Planned and Unplanned Culling in Breeding Sows: A Case for the PIB Farm in Zimbabwe
By M. Dhliwayo
The Human Development Crisis in Liberia
By George Klay Kieh, Jr.
Explicitly Representing Knowledge Embedded in a pattern Recognition Weighted Neural Network
By Nontokozo Mpofu
Education for Sustainable Development: The Junior Secondary School in Nigeria
By James S. Etim
The Political Economy of US Global Trade Supply Chain Security Measures: Implications for Trade Under African Trade and Opportunity Act
By Chris I. Enyinda and Emmanuel E. Obuah
Civil Disobedience, Moral Autonomy and the Quest for Sustainable Democratic Culture in Africa
By Francis Offor
Achieving the Millennium Development Goals in an Environmentally Sustainable Way-Some Perspectives Relevant for Zimbabwean Planners
By I. Sango
On Crossroads: Zimbabwe's Foreign Policy and the West
By Percyslage Chigora
Impact of Land Resettlement on Wild Animals in Whalley Range and Lone Kop Farms of Mashonaland West Province of Zimbabwe
By Ruwanza Sheunesu
Reducing Stresses on Wetland Resources in Dryland Ecosystems of Mpwapwa District, Central Tanzania: Where Do We Start?
By R.S. Shemdoe, S.P. Kingazi, R. Kitula, and E.J. Chaggu
Balanced Vertically Integrated Sustainability Business Model for Reducing Hunger and Income-Poverty in the Shortest Time Possible
By Charles O. Odeyale
Book Review

Nabudere, Dani and Mandaza, Ibbo (eds). 2002. Pan Africanism and Integration of Africa. Sapes Books, Harare, Zimbabwe. Pp. 339, ISBN: 1-77905-149-2.

Reviewed by Percyslage Chigora

Harris, Geoff (ed.). 2004. Achieving Security in Africa: Cost Effective Alternatives to the Military.
Pretoria, South Africa. Institute for Security Studies. Pp. 212. ISBN: 1-919913-51-0.

Reviewed by Percyslage Chigora.