Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa

Vol.8, No.1





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Potential Implications of the EU-CAP Reforms on the Botswana Beef Industry
By Botswiri Oupa Tsheko

Craft Industry Impacts on the Environment and a Community's Social Welfare: Masvingo-Ngundu Highway in Zimbabwe.
By Chingombe, W. and E. Pedzisai

An Evaluation of Stakeholder Participation in Catchment Planning. Case Study of Manyame Catchment Area, Zimbabwe.
By C. Mabiza, P. Taru, C.P. Gandidzanwa, and A.T. Kuvarega
Problem Animal Control Strategies in Human-Elephant Conflict Areas of Dande Communal Lands, Zimbabwe: A Study in Sustainability.
By Mupangwa, J.F., Nyabadza, T., Mberengwa, I. and Chaipa, I.
The Role of Maize Sub Sector as a Food Security Safety Net for Urban Households in Bindura Town of Mashonaland Central Province in Zimbabwe.
By Edward Mutandwa and Christopher Tafara Gadzirayi.
Community Response to the Counterpart Funding Policy in Poverty Reduction Projects in Ghana.
By Braimah, Imoro and Kwame Obeng Nti.
Discount Houses Operations, The Money Market and The Nigerian Economy: A Preliminary Investigation.
By C.B. Ezirim and F.E. Enefaa.
When Experience Matters: The Export Performance of Developing Countries' SMEs.
By Trond-Arne Borgersen
Forecasting Stock Prices Using a Weightless Neural Network.
By Nontokozo Mpofu.
Sustainable Development, Fast Track Legislation and American Foreign Trade Negotiations: The Case of Nafta and Its Implications for African and Central American Countries.
By Johnson, Kamalu A. and Ngozi C. Kamalu.
Structural Reform Measures and Primary School Enrolment in Cameroon.
By Njong Mom Aloysius and Kamguia Jean Michel.
A Baseline Socio-Economic Evaluation of an European Union Funded Project on use of Micro-Symbionts in Agroforestry Systems in Zimbabwe.
By Poshiwa, X., Nyoka, R., Chikumba, N., Gatsi, Tl, and Chakoma, I.
Awareness and Adoption of Tephrosia Vogellii and Nasturtium Trapaeolum for the Control of Cattle Parasites by the Smallholder Farmers in Upper Muzarabani District of Zimbabwe.
By Mwale, M., Tangwara, R., Mapiye, C., Mupangwa, J.F., Madzinga, E., Mapurisa, C., Mutenje, M., Katsinde, C.S., Nyakudya, I.W., and Mavunganidze, Z.
Use of Geo-Spatial Data for Sustainable Management of Solid Waste in Niamey, Niger.
By Yaw A. Twumasi, Andrew Manu, Tommy L. Coleman, Brian Schmid, and A. Moustapha.
Efficacy of the Botanical Pesticides, Derris elliptica, Capsicum frutescens and Tagetes minuta for the control of Brevicoryne brassicae in vegetables.
By Moyo, M., Nyakudya, I.W., Katsvanga, C.A.T., and Tafirei, R.
Effect of Extraction Temperature and Dilution of Solanum panduriforme in aphid (Brevicoryne brassicae) control.
By Katsvanga, C.A.T., Tafirei, R., Nyakudya, I.W., and Moyo, M.
The Competitiveness and Comparative Advantage of Zimbabwe's Fertilizer Industry in Producing Compound and Phosphate Fertilizers.
By V. Muringai, R. Mano, L. Rugube, R. Foti, M. Mutenje, and H.T. Mahaka.
Understanding Farmers: Explaining Soil and Water Conservation Behaviour in Small Holder Farmers in Southern Zimbabwe
By Munyaradzi Manjoro
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