Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa

Vol.7, No.1



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A Study Of Hydrological Trends And Variability Of Upper Mazowe Catchment-Zimbabwe

By W. Chingombe, J.E.Gutierrez, E. Pedzisai and E. Siziba

The Role Of Bank Spread In The Efficient Mobilisation Of Domestic Savings In The Extreme Western Region Of Cameroon

By Angyie Peter ETOH-ANZAH

Land Use Impacts on Miombo Woodland Species in Wenimbi Resettlement Area of Macheke, Zimbabwe

By By Katsvanga C.A.T., Mukwewa O., Mupangwa. J. F. and Buzuzi. G.

Corruption and Economic Growth: The African Experience

By Emmanuel Anoruo and Habtu Braha

Sustainable development in Southern Africa: Progress in addressing the challenges

By Gladys B Mutangadura

Effectiveness Of Aloe Excelsa In Controlling Coccidiosis In Broilers

By Gadzirayi, C. T; Mupangwa JF and Mutandwa E

Impact of Legal and Regulatory Environments on Financial Intermediation in An Emerging Sub-Saharan Economy: Evidence From Nigerian Commercial Banks

By Chinedu B. Ezirim and Michael I. Muoghalu

An Appraisal of National Public and Private Road Transportation Sustainability: A Global Comparison

By Manouchehr Vaziri and Amir Abbas Rassafi


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Reviewed by Ojo Thompson
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Rober Dibie, Public Management and Sustainable Development in Nigeria: Military-Bureaucratic Relationship by Robert Dibie. 400 pages. $89.00. Publisher: Ashgate Publishing Limited, England, 2003.

Reviewed by Ogwo Jombo Umeh, Ph.D.
Department of Public Affairs and Administration,
California State University, Hayward