Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa

Vol.9, No.3, 2007


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Path Routing Algorithm Optimization in Inter-Networks.

BY Gombiro, F.S. Masaraneyi, G. Chengetanai, and T. Chagonda.

Ethno-Religious and Political Conflicts: Threat to Nigeria Nascent Democracy.

BY Ali Arazeem Abdullahi and L. Saka.

Socio-Economic Constraints on Goat Farming in the Lowveld of Swaziland-A Case Study of Matsanjeni.

BY Saico S. Singwane and Abul Salam

Integrating Traditional Knowledge Systems with Agriculture and Disaster Management: A Case for Chitora Communal Lands.

BY Svotwa, J. Manyanhaire, and J. Makanyire.

North-South Cooperation: An Assessment of U.S. Multilateral Trade Arrangement with Sub-Saharan Africa under AGOA.

BY Emmanuel Obuah.

The Quest for Development in Africa and The Dilemma of Competing Cultural Paradigms.

BY Francis Offor.

Leadership, Governance and Corruption in Nigeria.

BY Derin K. Ologbenla.

Street Enterprises, Urban Livelihoods and Poverty in Owerri, Nigeria.

BY Comfort O. Chukuezi.

Challenges of Solid Waste Management in the Central Business District of the City of Gweru in Zimbabwe.

BY Remigios V. Mangizvo.

Indigenous Knowledge Systems and the Conservation of Small Grains Seeds: A Case of Sangwe Communal Lands of Chiredzi in Zimbabwe.

BY Percyslage Chigora, Naison Dzinavatonga and Feddious Mutenheri

Economic Analysis of Determinants of Potable Water Consumption in Yaounde (Cameroon) and Strategies for Sustainable Management


Beyond the Truth: Limitations in Social Science Research from a Development Perspective in Africa.

BY Percyslage Chigora and Feddious Mutenheri.

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