Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa

Vol.9, No.2, 2007


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Indigenous Knowledge in Conservation of Forestry and Land Resources in Musana Communal Areas, Bindura.

BY Robert Maponga and Jones Muzirambi

The Application of Mobile GIS in Disaster Notification Information Management.

BY Nyamugama, A. Kanda, F.S. Masaraneiy, and C. Gombiro

The Role of Indigenous Medicinal Knowledge (IMK) in the Treatment of Ailments in Rural Zimbabwe: The Case of Mutirikwi Communal Lands.

BY Percyslage Chigora, Robert Masocha, and Feddious Mutenher

Sustainale Use of Wetlands: A Case for Nuwaonazvawo Village in Mutasa District of Manixaland Province of Zimbabwe.

BY E. Svotwa, I.O. Manyanhaire and P. Makombe

Child Rearing Patterns and Career and Choice Among Secondary School Students: Emperical Evidence from Rivers State of Nigeria.

BY C.J. Awujo

Should the Investment Banking and Corporate Finance Spirit of Merchant Banks be Exorcised from the Nigerian Banking System?

BY Chinedu B. Ezirim

The History of Natural Resource Management in Zimbabwe: A Chronicle of How Sustainable Resource Management Has Remained An Elusive Concept.

BY Average Chigwenya and Desmond Manatsa

The Benefits of Urban Agriculture as a Way of Attaining Sustainable Development in Kadoma, City of Zimbabwe.

BY Sheunesu Ruwanza

Veld Fire Risk Assessment and Community Based Control Strategy in Norton Farming Area of Zimbabwe.

BY E. Svotwa, F. Ndangana, O.I. Manyanhaire, and C. Mushava

Vegetable Gardening in Primary Schools and its Impact on Community Livelihoods in Uganda.

BY Ssekyewa, C. Kudamba, J. Mwine, O. Emurwon, and J. Kasekende

Terror Techniques in the Delta and The Question of Justice.

BY Adebola Babatude Ekanola

Residents Perception of The Human/Wildlife Conflict in Kariba Urban.

BY E. Svotwa, J. Ngwenya, O.I. Manyanhaire, and j. Jiyane

Thermotolerance and Osmotic Potential Studies in Germinating Seeds and Growing Seedlings of Acacia sieberiana and Acacia tortilis.

BY Tafara Matekaire and Alfred Maroyi.

Economic Development Through Government Farming Loans: A Case Study of A1 Farmers in Mashonaland Central Province, Zimbabwe.

BY N. Mazuru, T. Njaya and B.T. Hanyani-Mlambo.

The Social Impacts of the Construction of Mpudzi Dam (2) in Zimunya Communal Lands, Manicaland Province, Zimbabwe

BY Manyanhaire, I.O.Svotwa, E.Sango, I and Munasirei, D.